Water as Leverage for Sustainable Actions by and for All

Water and climate change are directly linked. We know this by default and from disasters. The

The Farakka Fulcrum of Indo-Bangladesh Hydro-diplomacy

Bangladesh and India share 54 rivers including the Ganga, Brahmaputra and Meghna (together known as the

Water Law and the 2020 U.S. Election

The 2020 U.S. Election understandably focused on the ongoing pandemic and its economic fallout, as well

Who Wouldn’t Want a Bluetooth Toilet?

Some flush, some don’t need sewers, some conserve and create resources, and some now come with Bluetooth.

How Can Nepal Manage Water Amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Water and data are crucial resources of the 21st century. These two resources are going to

Salmon as Guide to Nowhere

This review of the paper by M. Evans and L. Harris (2018. Salmon as Symbol, Salmon

Managed Aquifer Recharge: Investing in the Invisible

For many decades, Beijing had been coping with a looming water crisis, and has been successful

How India’s Civil Society Can Shape the Country’s Water Policy

India’s National Water Policy is meant to provide a definite course of action on water management,

COVID-19 underscores WASH poverty as a serious health crisis

As we celebrate Global Handwashing Day, we should also remember that the number of confirmed COVID-19

Humans and their Environment: A ‘Natural’ Partnership?

The concept of ‘partnership’ has long been a watchword for development practitioners. While the applications are

Financing a Paradigm Shift in Development Models in Asia-Pacific and Latin America

Climate impacts challenge our status quo. Covid-19 is a stark reminder that a shift in our

Pissapocalypse: New Zealand’s Dairy Little Secret

The massive expansion of New Zealand’s agricultural sector over the last decades is largely held responsible

Overcoming the Barriers for Improved WASH for Slums in India

In India, one out of five persons living in cities resides in slums. These areas constitute

The Living Forest – An Invisible Thread Between Environments And Culture

The discussion in this blog stems from excerpts of the popular public court hearing of the

When The Grid Is Too Far Away: A Systems Approach To Managing Rural On-Site Wastewater Plants In Norway

In Norway, on-site wastewater treatment systems often fail to meet their target treatment levels. A range

The Case For Holistic Water Resources Planning And Management In Addis Ababa

I am taking you to the city of Addis Ababa founded in 1886 as Ethiopia's capital.

What Have We Learned From the False Heroes of Chemistry?

2020 marks the year that PFOA production is officially phased out in the European Union. What

A Systems Perspective to Drought Adaptation in Maharashtra, India

Introduction “Water availability for drinking water is the most important. Without drinking water, there is no

Is It Time to Incorporate Islamic Water Management Principles (IWMP) into Existing Global Water Governance Policies?

Water is one of the pressing global concerns of the 21st century. Despite the presence of

A COVID-19 Bridge Over Troubled Water?

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to transform our behaviors, attitudes, and policies in many areas. For