Is anyone funding WaterSciencePolicy?

Unfortunately not – but you can change that! WaterSciencepolicy is not funded by any corporation, NGO or government and entirely relies on the excellent content of our many contributors and the time and love that the team of editors is putting in. Apart of the many hours we spend curating the platform, we have running costs for hosting and web-development, paid for out of our own pockets. If you enjoy this platform and want to ensure its continuance we invite you to do either of the following:

  • Support a better kind of internet. If you are still using Chrome,  Safari or even the Internet Explore and therefore in one way or another play into the hands of giant corporations that track your browsing behaviour and gather your data, we encourage you to reevaluate your online hygiene and consider becoming part of the Brave network and help advance a decentralised and equitable internet. By doing so, you are browsing anonymously, untracked and ad-free and receive rewards while doing so. You can then use these rewards to automatically support certified content creators, like WaterSciencePolicy, directly through monthly contributions and set us free from advertisement and the likes of Google. We want to remain ad-free. You can download Brave and setup your contribution right away.
  • Show your support either through the above or send us whatever this project is worth to you via PayPal to the following email address: