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Do you want to give the world a glimpse into a particular water-related issue you are working on? Do you have exciting research to share? Do you have novel insights or want to challenge existing paradigms? Whether you are a professional, academic, or layman, as long as you have something important to say about water, we are interested in your contribution. Here is how you can submit to WaterSciencePolicy:

Checklist: What do we need from you?

  • Your 800-1000 words .docx article, including:
    • A short blurb – three bullet point sentences at the beginning of your text to summarize the main ideas of your piece
    • In-text references with hyperlinks (including for diagrams and pictures – unless they are your own)
    • A short Bio (up to 50 words) + your LinkedInTwitter – if desired
    • Proper spelling and other intricacies with respect to our English Style Guide
  • Pictures and diagrams as separate files
  • A square (1:1) profile picture
  • A header image that is most relevant to the content
  • That’s all! Now place in a folder, zip it all up and send it to

If you have more questions, have a look at existing articles and make sure to check out the more elaborate submission guidelines and tips and tricks in our Guide on What Makes a Good Blog.