Who are we?

WaterSciencePolicy launched in May 2020. It serves as a global digital platform to connect the work of academia and the research community with the opinions of practitioners in the field of water and water-related issues. We thrive to be a hub triggering dynamic discussions, where ultimately science meets policy and management. We believe in open access and want to give everyone an independent voice.

Our aim is to inform by maintaining and filling the platform with high-quality, authenticated, and explanatory content on the latest developments and novel insights. The goal is to facilitate informed discourse and conversations within an expanding water-curious audience.

With an interdisciplinary approach across regions and sectors, we disseminate cutting-edge research, unheard points of view, and share innovative practices to stimulate critical debate and understanding. We convene thinkers and practitioners to discuss why water matters and what are the possible solutions towards living prosperous lives while respecting our planetary boundaries.